Experiment Week 4

Microphone WIN
Me fixing my unruly microphone while still singing the bridge of Naive & Invincible

I know that in most cases when I get up to number 4 in a series I am likely to keep going with it for a good long while. Four is my magic number, it seems.

This week has been another positive one on the music living front.

I made a video for Shy and decided I would experiment with some vocal layers like I used to way back in the beginning of my YouTube ‘career’. It was generally well-received, some people citing it as a would-be ‘hit’ if it were to be released as a single. It does feel like the kind of thing you might hear on the radio… if only I could get those head voice notes to sound a bit sweeter.

On Thursday I lead music at the 18-30s church group meeting at one member’s house. Went beautifully, and everyone sang like they meant it. Always good when the people you’re singing with trust you to lead them.

Friday was the first Open Mic night at All Saints, Wellington since the winter. They really kicked it up a gear this time with some guys helping from another church with their own equipment and expertise. They achieved a really good sound. There was even an effects pedal available for useĀ  and one of the guys asked me, “what effects do you want?” “Um… some light distortion perhaps?” “I’ll give you some overdrive.” Oh goodness me, yes! It’s been so long since I’ve worked with people that really know music tech…

I performed Shy, Forget, and Naive & Invincible. I was a bit messy here and there, but I could see some people bobbing along and enjoying it. I can’t wait til I can really work a crowd and get them excited, but it will be a long while before I get an audience that has turned up purely to see me.

In other news I won’t be having my private home concert until September now. I’m actually very happy about this because it means I have a good long while to prepare and I can get my audition for Open Mic UK out of the way before then. I still haven’t written the chorus for the song I want to audition with… I’m hoping it comes to me soon so I can perfect it!

Today I finished cleaning up vocal takes for an acoustic version of This Chance and for Cry Holy. Both of these will appear on the State of Alert single. Cry Holy needs some serious work in the drums department and I hope I can deliver. I’m eager to get things finished.

In conclusion:


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