Hecks yes.

The countdown has begun… I have 55 hours to turn my humble two-bedroom terraced house into a 5-star hotel and casino. Can it be done? Hecks yes. I’ve started the ball rolling with some food shopping, the remainder of which should be covered tonight when I do my ASDA shop online. Oh, excitement! I really hope I can pull this thing off, it’s all very elabourate. Still, it’ll be another string to my bow if it goes well. I’ll be sure to post some photos/video as soon as I have them. 😀

In music news, my Sleeping Beast video seems to be doing moderately well. I’ve clocked up 60 views now which is better than the average video blog, but not quite as successful as Everybody Changes. My next project will probably be me singing a rendition of new track Old Friend while trying to look classy on an old green arm chair.

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