Look at me being all honest!

I really hope I’m not just imagining things here… Are you guys really interested in me baring my soul? It’s probably the only bare thing you’ll be seeing, that’s for sure. Ha!

Tomorrow I embark on my Video Every Day in February project (subtitled ’28 days of consecutive, pretentious nonsense’). I’m hoping this project will really show off my creativity and that I’ll make work comparable in quality to the stuff that got me my first class degree.

I’ll be focussing on visual content quite heavily. Stuff that pleases the eye. And then the content will be brief, yet hopefully thought-provoking.

I’ve been referred to as a ‘co-conspirator’ on this project since my fellow songwriting friend, Sarah La Croix is also embarking on a daily video project this month. Hers will be entitled ’28 days of awesome’. She likes saying awesome.

See you on the other side…


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