No, I’m Not Made For This

Sometimes you just have to give in.

I realised some more about the artist I want to be today, so I took a risk, and uploaded this.

The words came out of a frustration that I was good at particular things in the professional environment, and people were all too keen to put me in that role, as if it were the very best I had to offer.

But this, of course, isn’t right. Its hard to put creative types in a box they’ll be comfortable in. We’re just slightly oddly shaped, so we always feel a bit uncomfortable. Personally, I do seem to be comfortable in your standard office job from the outside. But I would argue I’m not as square as I am cube-looking.

I start my new job in Friday. From what I can tell, I’ve landed up with a boss that’s understanding enough to realise I may not be there forever. So many employers are desperate to cling on to me once I’m there because they know they’ll feel my absence.

I applied for Must be the Music 2011 on the Sky website today.

I have no idea what I’m doing, do I?

Favourite Song Today:

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