Come Back to Me – Utada

For those of you who don’t know… where have you been??

My favourite Japanese/American artist and producer has hit the ‘States with her new single this month, and the video has cropped up on (every single one on YouTube has been removed).  That in mind, I advise you watch this ASAP before they remove this one too.

The song is very commercial R&B, but the kind you can listen to over and again without it making you bleed out of your ears.  She seems to be 100% more confident on this one than her previous singles from the Exodus album.  It was good music, but good in what I call the ‘active listening’ way, which means it requires a bit of decoding on the part of the listener.

So, yeah, have a look at this, and join the MySpace Utada Street Team!  Hikki must not fail!


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