Recording Log

Happy 4th of July to any American readers!

Started new version of my three-year-old song The Day I Didn’t Want To Be with new lyrics and slightly different guitar pattern. It was strange going through the lyrics and changing them for less desperately clingy-sounding ones! Still, it was nice to know my voice has matured enough to handle some of the tricker parts of the melody.

I spent a lot of time last night trawling through my old material and any little bits and pieces I’d recorded and not finished. It was actually quite useful as I managed to collect a few experimental sounds as well as unearth another of my more retro compositions ‘Wake Up’. All things being equal, that will be the next song I’ll deal with.

Not sure if any of it will turn up on the album, but I think I’m more on a journey to find out where I want to go musically rather than executing a mathematical algorithm to get my 11-tracker down on CDr…

19:44 Finished recording, renamed the song Day I Didn’t Want. Chipped away a bit more at my new version of Cry Holy with better mixing and vocals. Gonna find my old chords from Wake Up since it’s been years since I played it, but probably won’t work on it for a while.

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