Fashion Adventures!

I’ve been by hubby’s side the past two days because he hasn’t been well. ūüôĀ This week I really wanted to crack on with recording my tracks for Synergy, but alas, it was not meant to be.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t going to spend any time on Glitter Punch Project, though. Oh, no. It is something very much in the forefront of my mind most of the day.

As a result, while hubby convalesced beside me, I used whatever art supplies I had on my bedside table to design some costumes and outfits that might work in performances or photo shoots in the far future. Because right now that is where my mind is set.

Here’s what I came up with today, the first I actually drew last thing last night…

Weird sort of many item’d affair. It would be made out of a t-shirt, shorts, long thin skirt and¬†panelled back piece.

If anything, this one looks super comfy!

I’d also have a big heart on my backside. But hand-drawn pixels are hard! Behold! The polygon tutu! I know the whole spiky 3D thing has been done a thousand times, but this is the sort of cut I’d consider wearing.This dress has shark fins. The t-shirt is a lil fashion shout-out to the Little Diamonds. ^_^ They are so rad.¬†

These two are my favourites. I think they describe the two styles I like to wear when doing anything GPP-related; the tomboyish, casual look, and the somewhat aggressive electro-diva:

So, hopefully tomorrow I should be able to hit the ‘studio’ and start banging out some tracks.

I have so so so much to finish before the end of the month! Personally, I find producing and recording to be very taxing. Matt seems to handle it effortlessly, but it’s a real slog for me at times. I’ll find ways to make my¬†arrangements¬†light and simple without compromising too much on depth of interpretation.

Then it’s a swift dive back into the thick of new material! I can’t wait to get going again with writing and singing. This EP will be a pleasant detour. An¬†exercise¬†in patience and self-discipline, definitely…

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