Experiment Week 6

Pretty colours…

I have been ‘experimenting’ for 6 weeks now.

Has it been worth while? Yes. But I can’t shake the feeling bearing down on me that I should be out working in some office somewhere bringing in just above minimum wage. Would that mean I am contributing to society in some way?

I wish being happy was a good enough reason to do what I do.

Why isn’t it?

This week has been a bit strange. I was on holiday over the weekend and at the beginning of the week, so I’ve had some trouble getting back into routine. I haven’t practiced anything acoustically or worked on Vox Artis recordings. I didn’t upload anything to YouTube on Friday. There wasn’t much to say anyway.

Besides, I have been knee deep in a new music project. The idea of me being on YouTube in the first place was so I would have a reason to continue making music, but if videos get in the way of that then there isn’t much point filming for filming’s sake.

As you may have seen elsewhere online I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Slade in person while on holiday. We met in the Starbucks and then had a wander down to Avenham park and ate icecreams. It was very surreal for me. I think he took it in his stride, but I’m still a little thrown off now. Our meeting produced some good ideas. We are working on a mini album, all new material (except one song). We’re about a third of the way through of the initial recording process.

Meeting IRL

It has been a lot of fun to write for a new genre. I know my voice will always sound a bit ‘guitar chick’, but I think that contrasts well with the bleeding edge modern electro sound that Matt does best.

I have two songs left to write. The songs for this project have all started with catchy song titles. I’m really enjoying working this way around. Some of the titles have been quite challenging, but I like that. These songs give a fuller picture of my artistic personality. There’s more ‘swagger’, I guess. More lightheartedness, less sarcasm. This release will be fun, but hopefully it won’t come off as shallow.

We’re going to try and do it properly. That means an official release on iTunes.  Oh, and plenty of teaser videos and graphics!

I feel a bit like this lady. Or this one. That means awesome.




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