New Release GLITTER PUNCH PROJECT // Mirrorball Swing

Mirrorball Swing Cover Art
It has escaped and is roaming the internet as we speak.


Perhaps you’d like the track listing?

    1. インツロ
    2. Stiletto Stamina
    3. Primary Concern
    4. PxP
    5. FlashGun
    6. Mister Inventor
    8. Cat Got Cream
    10. Laser
    11. アオツロ

Pretty sweet, huh? I think as debut albums go (particularly by independent musicians), that this record is pretty awesome.

I had an absolutely brilliant time in Preston on Friday. I went to visit Matt, husband in tow, and we had a good old natter about the release of the album and various other things about the project. Dave and I relished a nice evening in student-y surroundings in spite of the wind and rain. All graduates from UCLan, we made a funny little team wandering around the city centre.

Matt made his YouTube vlogging debut while we sat on a saggy sofa in a student pub. (We both insisted on adjusting the wonky cushions before sitting down.) I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable he seemed on camera. I think it had a lot to do with the fact we were answering questions about the album. He’s quiet until you ask him about his favourite topics – music, production, design… Just needs a bit of coaxing. And coaxing just happens to be one of my favourite social activities!

I took the opportunity while we were filming to ask him what the future held for the Project. Did we want to make more songs? It didn’t end up in the final cut of the vlog, but I told him about how I had once tried to write a Glitter Punch song on my own with no concept to work from. It just ended up being a Caryl Archer song set to 130BPM. Just didn’t have the same… well, punch! You’ll be pleased to know it’s likely we will be working on new material at some point in the future. I’m looking forward to writing more things, and also seeing what Matt can really do now he’s cut his teeth on the Mirrorball.

So, what for this year?

Give our vlog a watch and you’ll see us announce the exciting news that we will be recording two new EPs. We’ll be doing one each, taking our favourite songs from Mirrorball Swing and reinterpreting them in our own ways. Matt’s will emphasise the electro/house elements of our style while I plan to strip the songs down to their basic arrangement and make use of natural instrument sounds.

In the meantime, listen to some previews of the tracks. Tell us what you think. Download if you love it!

Debut album MIRRORBALL SWING // Now available for download

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