New Single MISTER INVENTOR // Friday 2nd December

Our new song!
It is chock full of both glitter and punch and it’s out next Friday, 2nd December!

Drop that beat, Mister Inventor!

I like this song. I mean, really like it. It doesn’t make me cringe like Laser did when we were organising its release. When this tune starts up I’m like, “Oh, I love this song! Turn it up!” A new experience for me! Actually happy with something!

I wrote the lyrics at about 1am some time in September after talking through an entirely different track with Matt on Facebook (our message thread currently stands at approximately 3750 messages). This was a couple of weeks before I was due to travel to Preston for our first photo shoot. I mentioned something about the mystique of the production process and being curious about how he used the software, prompting him to say this:

Nerve centre
That sounds like a song to me.

Um… that is only the most awesome description ever! American spelling conventions aside… Yes yes, take me to see the nerve centre! I knew there was a song in that, so after I said goodbye I stayed there on my sofa with my notebook in our front room illuminated only by fairy lights, and began scribbling it down.

Take me to the source/to the core/to the nerve centre
Telepathic tour de force/tell me more/ shift, control, enter

Just to be clear, I’m quite sure holding down the shift, control and enter keys does absolutely nothing on a standard keyboard, but I needed a way to include one of the few rhyming words for centre.

Since then I’ve remembered ‘magenta’… cyan, yellow magenta? Not nearly as fluid, and that’s the wrong order anyway!

The other more obvious word is ‘inventor’. I originally wrote the phrase ‘music inventor’, since the song was about music production.  Matt wasn’t keen on Nerve Centre as a title so asked to change it to Music Inventor. A bit later still he settled on Mister Inventor. This was the song title equivalent of looking pretty cool, but then putting shades on and LOOKING RAD.

Awww, yeaaah.
Awww, yeaaah.

Musically this track will be a totally different flavour from our other singles. Initially Matt described the sound he was going for as R&B house with pop appeal. There’s more in the mix now though, including a dubstep bass breakdown followed by a trance finale. The song also features some of my piano playing, so there is sufficient CarylCake in there, too.  I’m not quite sure how we managed to cram so much in there without the song sounding overcrowded, but such is the nature of the Project. You never know where it’s going to take you next!

The whole thing’s a bit meta really. A Glitter Punch song about working on Glitter Punch songs, lyrics including the words ‘glitter’ and ‘punch’. This is essentially my ‘cheer song’ for the Project. Keep the heat in that nerve centre, Mr. Matt! Seriously, keep the door shut, it’s flippin’ November and it’s cold.

MISTER INVENTOR out Friday, 2nd December

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