The Mirrorball is Swinging – 17 days to go

Things are looking up!

Today I finished the last piece of vocal recording I wanted to complete for Mirrorball Swing. I thought I had a lot more to do than I did, but it wasn’t actually that bad. I wrote a great big choir arrangement thing for a 16 bar section in the slightly experimental electronica track. Matt has made it sound amazing and it fits into the song like it grew organically out of the beat. I cannot wait for you to hear that one.

Tomorrow I will be finishing the editing for episode 2 of Inside the Mirrorball. It’s been a bit difficult this week as I haven’t had a great deal of access to the Mac which has the software I need on it. Hopefully this episode should be as fun to watch as the last. I got a good response from GPP fans on Facebook, so I think they like that I’m doing. I’ll keep going!

So… we have finished all the recording for the album. Matt will no doubt tweak some levels here and there and adjust the spaces between the tracks, but it’s essentially complete. We have written and recorded an album of 11 original tracks in just under 5 months. We had never worked together before. We had never met physically before. Matt hadn’t produced a great deal before the project. I had never written or sung for this genre. What on earth did we just do??

While I remember, in just over a week’s time I’ll be hosting our first ever video Q&A session. I have had two questions so far. They’ve been pretty good, but you guys need to do more asking!

I want to get up vaguely early in the morning. Editing ahoy!


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