Back of the Book

The following are some clever little lines I occasionally think of and write at the back of my lyric book. Some are years old, others from a few days ago. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a pattern and write some songs out of them. At least, that was the idea…

  • Better late than never
  • Every shard of glass, in amongst every blade of grass
  • Red spiders
  • Fresh paint
  • Open mouth: insert foot
  • A welcome change
  • Cities of refuge
  • Undivided heart
  • I’m afraid of your itch
  • Blissfully unaware with you
  • The way paint moves in water
  • The way blood moves in water
  • The way oil moves on water
  • Counting your chickens instead of your blessings
  • Start to scab over
  • You’re tired but you don’t sleep, make promises you don’t keep
  • People with stories
  • False economy
  • Point of inflection

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