Primary Concern

It’s been a while, eh? Work has been a bit manic due to the Christmas rush descending… that along with large amounts of snow. As such, I’ve had to wave bye bye to lunch time blogging. Thankfully today I’ve been able to steal a few minutes to get my thoughts out on screen once again.

So, what have I been thinking about this past week or so? I’ve been repeatedly listening to my rough tracks for Album 2. One that I’m quite excited about is a short interlude track I’m writing called Primary Concern. It will be a concise little ditty made up of sparse electronic sounds that I intend to include somewhere in the middle of the track listing. The result should be a repetitive, yet involving track that sets the pace for the rest of the album… I think.

Here, have a rough track listing:

Messing With My Mind feat. James Mercer of Bad Betty
Among the Ruins
In My Hands
Fine Line
Primary Concern (interlude)
State of Alert
Sleeping Beast
I Might Have Heard Your Words

I would say this first (and very approximate) list expresses my desire to move from my old style of songwriting towards something entirely new. 12:26 is certainly easily performable acoustically, but something like I Might Have Heard Your Words would be much harder to represent in that format. My style is solidifying again into an electro fusion of some kind. I’ll let you know when I have a name for it.

Enough, Among the Ruins, In my Hands, and Fine Line will all have more of an R&B flavour to them. Think Alicia Keys mixed with… well, me I suppose?

Micropause is my new pop style out and out. Restore is darker. State of Alert is a rip-roaring adventure of rock and synth. Sleeping Beast alternates between rocking out and chilling out.  Messing With My Mind will borrow from dance genres, mostly trance or any of those singy girl songs from the early 00’s that we all used to sing into our hairbrushes to.

Well, back to work for me. Christmas rush ahoy!


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