Why 2011 is Going to be Weird

Every year since I was born I have had my schedule decided for me.

Until school age, I didn’t even know what a schedule was. And then for the next 17 years I was in full-time education.

In 2009 I was looking for work to save for getting married.

In 2010 I tied the not and moved to Shropshire and looked for a new job to help with various monies that needed to be found.

Now I find myself on the cusp of the new year finally free of any sort of obligation to give my time to any purpose I haven’t planned for myself. And that is why it’s going to be weird. Especially weird if you include the fact it’s a flippin’ eleven. Eleven has always bothered me as a year. Gives me the creeps, like it’s officially the future now and there is a large empty nothingness before us.

Of course, the world isn’t due to ‘end’ until this time 2012, so it’s most likely all in my head.

So, what am I going to do with this clean slate of a year? Well, I’ll be moving jobs again soon to switch up for some part-time hours, or at least something within walking distance of home in order to save an hour or two that would normally be lost to The Commute (note capitalisation). This means… *drumroll* that I am officially taking the plunge… *sustained drumroll* it’s time for me to…

Work as a musician full-time!

*cymbal crash*


Well, on that note. Bye!

0 thoughts on “Why 2011 is Going to be Weird

  1. Sarah The Awesome says:

    Woooo!!!! Man I can’t wait until I can finally do music full time. But does this mean that maybe, just maybe you won’t disappear from YouTube?

    I’ll have a LaCroix for you. 🙂


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