Ballad For An Airport Fairwell

I don’t want to say goodbye when I know that you won’t be here tomorrow
I don’t want to let you go, so where is this supposed sweetness in my sorrow?

Somewhere along the line
I think I lost track of time
Now on my doorstep
I find the day I didn’t want to be

I don’t want to leave it here, but I know it’s only for a little while
I don’t want to show my tears from the things that happened to me as a child

I know that you can’t stay
But your path leads so far away
The late summer skies turn grey
It’s the day I didn’t want to be

I know I’d sound selfish if I said I want you to stay here with me
So I’ll hope and I’ll pray every day I’ll still be a part of your dreams

I don’t want to cry a tear when I know we might survive, all is not lost
I don’t want to lose my strength for the days that you’re gonna need me most

This is your destiny
If you don’t come back to me
I’m still gonna set you free
It’s the day that I know has to be
It’s time to live your dream now
I know we’ll make it somehow
And I’ll wait for you, I vow
Til the day that you’ll come back to meĀ