My Friend, the Iceberg

Let me set the records straight now
This is no confession of love
It’s simply my expression of frustration
Over getting to know you

“What you see is what you get,”
I lunge for your trust with my butterfly net
I’ve missed again
My questions won’t let me rest
They ache in the cavity of my chest
I’m in mess and it’s difficult
Spill my guts again
My embarrassment is visible

I’m never sure where I stand with you
I’ve never known a man as bland and blue on the surface
Yet brimming and bursting with
Glorious storyboards
In unexplored corridors

Take me by surprise I raise an eyebrow
Then break into a grin
I’ve taken unexpected lacerations
From your saber-like humour

Just what was all that about
I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt
That brutal wit!
Defeated, I’ve met my match
Is it any wonder I got so attached…
D’you need a slogan for your poster?
“Keep your friends close
And your foes even closer”

I never know how to start or where to end
I’ve never made quite as guarded a friend
But you’re letting me see just enough to keep
Curious tendencies marching intrepidly

So would you mind if I stand right here
At the tip of your iceberg, the apex of fear
I’ll drive in a flag to mark where I’ve been
And write in my journal describing the scene