Nothing Without You

I’m learning all over again
All over again
The lessons I thought I knew well
I thought I knew well
Back to the drawing board
Back to the heart of you
I know there’s nothing I need more

I’m nothing, without you
Take me apart
Change my heart
Defeat me, complete me
Take me away
Make me yours today

I’m longing to live out my life
To live out my life with you
There’s nothing as great in this world
There’s nothing I’d rather do
Everything brings me down
When I’m apart from you
Humble me now, and help me see…

All this time
I’ve been wandering desert and wilderness
All this time
I’ve been searching for something to satisfy
All this time
You’ve been waiting so patiently for me to realise
There’s no joy
Apart from you…

© Caryl Sumner 2005