I Might Have Heard Your Words

This weekend I’ve been working on a cover version of this song by The Cloud (aka Andrew Pants of Songs To Wear Pants To). I’m quite excited about it as it’s a big step forward for me in terms of developing my sound. I’ve been listening to a lot of dubstep remixes, and all manner of other electronic genres, and I was wondering when that was going to start filtering into my own song writing and production. It seems that time is right now.

The reason I fell in love with this track initially was the fact the melody was so sweet in comparison to the sparse, brooding accompaniment. I knew I could open out the harmony a bit more while still retaining some of that mood.

Today I have a basic (and rather rough) backing track ready to be chopped up a bit, stuck back together, and polished up ready for adding the vocals.¬†Of course, I plan to start crooning into the mic as soon as I get chance, really add a bit of romance. Not that I’m overly sure that will fit with the ambiguous meaning of the lyrics, but it will certainly make it sound ‘Caryl-ish’ and that’s all I can really hope for when I’m covering a track like this.

I also have some extremely important developments to fill you in on regarding those couple of albums I was banging on about all those months ago.

But that’s for another day…


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