Kitchen Fun and Home Studio

The other day I was feeling particularly creative in the kitchen and made some ‘oyakodon’ (chicken and egg rice bowl) for the Man and me. I had some rice left over so decided to treat him to a Bento lunch for work the next day.

Crispy seaweed makes it fancy

I finally mastered tamagoyaki!

As well as being productive in the kitchen, I’ve also finally set myself up with all my recording equipment. I’ve even repurposed my old Video Every Day in February pin board to visualise the work I have left to do.

To-do list
Yeah, you read right. I'm making it epic.
Ten songs for the new album
Love love love love love!
Home made pop guard FTW!

It’s really nice having a permanent space to record in. I don’t have to move around any time someone wants to use the room as I’m in a corner that doesn’t get much traffic. I’m also at the end of the flat that faces into the open air rather than towards our neighbours which means I can thrash around on distortion guitar without any feelings of embarrassment or awkwardness.

Since I (mostly) fixed the latency problems in Audacity, it’s been pretty awesome to use. It’s very direct. I think of the sound, record the sound, edit the sound, and then I have the sound there in front of me that I first imagined. Of course, as soon as I’m done with the electro album I’ll be moving over to Cubase since I know I will be able to create a rock band sound much more easily there. Album 3 is going to be much rockier, methinks.

Having said that, Primary Concern is taking on a bit of a hard rock edge in places. Oh, how I love having an amp with overdrive! And being able to just plug in and go without it being a logistical nightmare trying to work out who in the house is having a nap and where all the appropriate leads are… Speaking of leads I’ll need a new standard jack to jack to I can put my amp directly into the desk rather than micing up the amp. Not that there’s anything too wrong with that… People record with mics against amps all the time, but I like to explore more than one method for these things so I can be sure I’m recording in the best way for the song.

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