NEW PREVIEWS // Flash Cannon! & Cat Got Cream [Unravelled]

Firstly, I must apologise. I didn’t write a blog last weekend about the last preview from Synthesis, FlashGun. My excuse? Trying to finish Synergy! *panic panic*

To remedy this I’ll be writing about this week’s preview as well as last week’s.

You may have noticed a bit of a shuffle-round of preview videos this weekend. That is, some deleted and re-uploaded. This is because we wanted to change some of the names of the tracks to illustrate the fact they are new imaginings of the originals and not just ‘remixes’ or ‘covers’. FlashGun is now Flash Cannon! and PxP has become Render Reality. I also have some cute little subtitles for my tracks, but I’ll leave those until I announce the full track listing…

Last week’s preview, which is also technically this week’s due to the ‘re-up’, is Flash Cannon! – a rework of FlashGun.

I really enjoy Matt’s take on the song because it has a completely different feel. The main component common to both versions is my set of choir vocals. He’s done a lovely job of making them ‘fizz and sparkle’ (hint: lyrics for a new song about something fizzy and sparkly!) and added some gorgeous chord changes with very pleasing movements in the bass melody.

Whenever I listen to it I think to myself, “This sounds like freedom.” I’m not sure why. It reminds me of travelling at high-speed on a train or being out in the car in the sunshine with the windows down. I can’t wait to try running to it. Mostly because I know I’ll want to break out into a sprint at 2:31 and then again at 3:46. Double energy burst!

Me next! Cat Got Cream [Unravelled] – a track I’m quite proud of because it passed the test of The Ear.

I made up this story one time that Matt had a disembodied ear just kind of living in his room, scurrying about like a mouse, eating his food, and generally making all his mix and mastering decisions for him. If I wanted to get something into a recording, it had to get past The Ear.

Of course, what I mean is, Matt has a better ear than me for mixing, in spite of the fact I’ve been recording my own songs for 7 years and he has been producing original material for one… I suppose it isn’t something that comes naturally to me so I have had to work a lot harder on this aspect of music than any other.

But, this week, for the first time ever, I pleased The Ear. Here’s the proof!

Multiple victory dances were had

People have said so far they like my work on the claps and clicky, snappy noises. I owe any nice sounds in the higher frequencies to my most excellent new microphone. Seriously, I got that thing at just exactly the right time for making this record.

Listen here!

So, that’s it from me for now. Check back in the week for things like the track listing, cover art and general information about the concept and working process.


Punch, punch; glitter, glitter:
That’s how it’s done~

Synthesis and Synergy

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