REMIX // Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Me, playing a new character…

I’ll tell you what, Glitter Punch have been getting around a bit lately…

Since forming a year ago we’ve released three singles and two albums, been on the radio, done a photo shoot, recorded a cover song, hand-crafted limited edition CDs, made a making-of vlogging series, hosted a photo/video contest, launched a remix and cover competition, had our track played in a club in Florida, and now… uploaded our first ever music video!

…aaaaand BREATHE.

I feel like it’s been a bit non-stop recently. I texted Matt about a new song idea the end of January, and it’s been all writing, recording, and generating ideas since then. Of course, our next priority was getting Synthesis & Synergy done, so we had to put all the new stuff on the back burner. Personally, I found recording my own tracks exhausting, but I feel like I got something out of my system by doing it. Had some great feedback from my track, Synergy. This pleases me. ^-^

But… soon as I thought I had time to catch my breath, Matt comes back to me with news that our latest electronic obsession, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, had launched a music video competition for his fabulous tune, Household Goods.

Of course, to do anything less than enter the heck out of it would be simply un-GPP-like.

Matt did most of the hard work for this one, the concept for the remix itself, and all the visuals. I lent my vocals, as usual, adapting the lyrics to be a sort of response to the offer of romance in the original. It was ever so tempting to write something scathing and aggressively feminist… but I settled on a gentler, more contemplative option.

We have two videos for this. One is the short edit of the music video, and the other is the remix in full (including some extra choir sounds from yours truly).

I think we exceeded our expectations with this one. We’ve had some good feedback so far, so I hope you like it! Wish us luck in the competition. We’ll keep you posted…






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