Synth Sickness

I’m Not Alone by Calvin Harris is one of my favourite dance tracks. I adored the syncopated synth line after the intro. It was so bright and there was so much subtlety in the arrangement and dynamics.

But then these happened…

JLS Feat Tinie Tempa – Eyes Wide Shut

Oh dear me… Are you serious? It’s a good song, but that synth is just too close for comfort. Need I bring up the example of Clocks and When Love Takes Over?

Chris Brown – Yeah X3

Chris Brown, this one is just unforgivable! Blaaaah! Maybe if the lyrics had some content the music could take a back seat, but there isn’t much to be said there either. Makes me feel a bit ill.

Ke$ha – We R Who We R

Ke$ha, you can be excused since you’re actually trying to recapture the magic of your first single more than ripping off anyone else’s material. We cool, gurl.

Katy Perry – California Gurls

And Katy Perry, this isn’t really such a crime, but the rhythm seems to have taken its cue at least a little from Mr. Harris.

But then I have to think… just where did he get it from? Surely he’s not the only one to have used that sound and that rhythm? I tried having a scout round for other tracks by similar artists, but I haven’t hit on it yet. I fancy that people like Mr. Harris are part of a hotbed of creative activity in the UK dance music scene, and who knows, he may have nicked the idea from an independent producer that he met over some┬áhideously alcoholic cocktails in a romanticised basement club somewhere.

All I’m saying is that this sound is beginning to annoy me now. There’s a sense of quality in the Harris version of the synth and melody which still allows me to enjoy it to some extent. And yes, I would dance to the JLS if I was to hear that track in ‘da club’. But Yeah x3? Are you really serious?

Maybe I’m just mad at Chris Brown.

Looks like the Internet is too.


See this? This here is what is called ‘Doing It Right’. There’s a brief flavour of Harris in here, just enough to tickle the ear drums, but it’s a song in its own right 100%. Maybe my problem is just with Americans nicking the Eurotrance sound..? Then again, if that was true I’d hate Lady Gaga.

Roll Deep – Green Light

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