Playing Pretend

I’ve been taking my own words to heart and thinking of ways to prepare for this oncoming wave of… whatever it is… that I know I need to be ready for… (see this entry for clarification)

Today did some ‘rehearsal’ of sorts for some of the new Glitter Punch Project material. This involves me singing along to recordings, deciding where the best places are for movement, and which notes/words are less likely to be effected when bouncing along or dancing. I’m so under-practiced it’s simply embarrassing.

I know at some point I’ll be called upon to sing live for GPP. I don’t want to let us down for a second. Right now I feel like I would be a let-down to watch. I can sing all sorts of things live with relative ease, but these songs need an extra little something that I am trying my best to cultivate while I have the time and privacy.

I imagine all sorts of wonderful stuff… bits where there would be a group of dancers and sections where I’d join in the choreography… How will I interact with Matt? Or do I just ignore him and act like an instrument of sorts? What will the light effects be? Do I get to come up from under the stage surrounded by the tired old smoke of a worn-out cliché?

Will there be glitter cannons? WILL THERE??

And so, in this way, I get terribly ahead of myself and forget that I haven’t finished recording any of these tracks (save for one) and we’re miles away from anything of the sort.

But I do know it’s coming, and that makes me want to think about it in as much detail as time will allow.

For now I am just playing pretend, because rehearsal is a kind of play. You’re free to make mistakes, take risks and experiment with new things, all in the safety and comfort of a nurturing environment.

I feel just like a kid right now. I’m not burdened with many of the traditional ‘grown-up’ worries and I’m getting to play all my favourite games every day.

I’m building a world of imagination. Now I just have to work out how to fill it in with the materials of reality…

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