Another Year on the ‘Tube

Here I am once more on my lunchtime blogging slot. Today I am rather bleary eyed and feeling a bit fragile since I had to pull a late night for my most recent YouTube upload… that and I’m still recovering from a badly timed cold, so if I start mumbling on without  making sense, feel free to slap some books on a table nearby and jolt me into coherency.

Yesterday night, apart from being exhausting, was an incredible experience. I was one person alone with the odds (and outdated technology) stacked against me. At one point I was using my old PC to record the voiceover while cueing myself to the audio and video on my Mac because I didn’t have the right software to clean up the sound installed there. Then I had problems with the recording itself as any slight fluctuation in CPU usage on my old PC  causes the recording to skip and miss out parts of my words (ridiculous for a dual core machine, but it’s always been like that). I essentially had to go back in, rehearse the pattern of my speech and re-record until I had a take that matched the original audio before pasting it back in. Nightmare!

There was one point around midnight that I was going to give up and go to bed. But I thought.. no, I’ve said I was going to upload on 6th Jan, and that’s is darn well what I’m going to do! So I checked over my speech again, filled in the gaps, exported to be cleaned up in the PC programme, imported again to Audacity to match levels with the music track, mixed down again, e-mailed to myself… then simply dragged and dropped into iMovie. Yes, it was most definitely time for me to upgrade. My experience with the Mac on this project was next to effortless in comparison to my poor little 3-year-old Asus machine.

Excitingly enough, Dave says he’s going to make Old Compy into a home server and make it into our media centre for all things awesome and fun. Funsome, I call it.

So, where does this leave me with YouTube? Well, I will be leaving my current place of work at the end of this month to pursue a full-time career in music (and probably a part-time job on the side). This will mean I can begin to invest my time into making videos once more. Except this time I’m not going to voluntarily miss the mark with and half baked ideas or evasion tactics. It’s gonna be my music, my ideas, and my personality in as raw a form as I dare to express.

Watch the fruits of my labour here… and then share it like your life depends on it!

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