Experiment Week 5

State of Alert
The ball is rolling

It’s that time of the week again! The one where I review my musical works from the week.

This week has been absolutely brilliant. I’ve completed things, worked on collaborative projects, learned new things about myself, and made some difficult but very rewarding choices.

Tuesday’s video, Haunting, went down exceptionally well. Six ‘Likes’! all overnight! Haunting has been one of those songs I started strong with, but didn’t have enough life experience to complete. Not for six years! Granted, the lyrics I finally came up with for the chorus were really quite obvious, but they are important in tying the whole thing together.

Talking of completing things, I’ve now made some headway with the State of Alert single. You can listen to the two B-sides here. There’s an acoustic version of my 2005 song This Chance and the completed version of Cry Holy. Finally! As you can see I’ve revamped the artwork to look a bit softer and not as ‘fleshy’. I want to be 100% comfortable with my image in promo photos and any other artwork or posters I make. Nothing worse than having a promoter or fan share your least favourite picture!

I’m writing today’s entry from my old house in Fleetwood. Hubby is napping on the sofa next to me. We’ve been having a fabulous holiday so far. There might even be an opportunity to meet the legendary Matt Slade, which brings me nicely to my next piece of news.

As you know by now I’m really quite into my J-pop, particularly J-trance, and specifically bionic female vocal trio, Perfume (pahfume, desu~!). It was my searching on YouTube for mashups and remixes and happened upon YouTube channel mattsladey111. I began following him and noticed that he was attending the University of Central Lancashire, my uni! We got talking and I found out he was doing graphic design. He graduated this year and recently won this prize for this visual behemoth of a video.

You might remember me coining the phrase ‘stiletto stamina’ in this video. Well, t’other day I find this on my Facebook:

Facebook comment
The gauntlet was thrown. I picked that shiz up before it even hit the ground, man.

And, of course, I just could not resist. I recorded the a capella track that afternoon and sent it a day later. I’ve been listening to the rough edit he sent to me pretty much all day. It’s so dark and moody! I think you’ll love it, even if you don’t normally like that electro style.

Lastly, I made a tough decision this week. However, I’m not going to share that with you just yet. I’d rather dedicate a video to it so I can express what I’m feeling a bit more clearly. All you need to know for now is that it’s a decision I happy with, though it is bittersweet.

Talking of Bittersweet, that’s another one of my ’05 compositions. I might attempt that soon as I get home.

For now expect a bizarre upload this Tuesday.

Peace out! But not peace out, because peace out doesn’t work for me.

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