Experiment Week 7

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I’m extremely late with Week 7. It’s almost time for Week 8! But I’ve been a bit distracted the past couple of days due to the ‘disturbances’ my country has suffered this week.

That being said, Week 7 has been extremely productive on the music front.

Myself and Mr. Matt have conjured up three or four new tracks between us. Most of the writing on my side is done. The mini album will feature six songs and three instrumentals. Awesome!

I’ve been slowly improving on the vocal recording front, making better takes and doing better cleaning on them afterwards. I think forcing my self to ‘own’ my voice and the role of a vocalist is really helping with my delivery. That and finding better settings on my mixing desk… I’m definitely the sort of person that prefers to learn by experimentation rather than an instruction manual.

We also made some steps forward with visuals. I made myself a head dress and did a photo shoot last Tuesday. I filmed the process of putting on the make-up and paint, but I didn’t show a full photo of the finished result. Matt did a couple of mock-ups of how we might use the images. The final album art will include both of us cleverly ‘shopped in together. That is one problem with long distance collabs… Hard to get a picca together!

We have a name for our band now. I haven’t formally announced it, but there are places and people you can go to to find out. There’s also a clue in today’s picture!

I wonder sometimes if we did make it to the point where we had a team dedicated to wardrobe and photography… whether or not they could make me look the part. Working on my own marketing materials has made me able to notice various tricks used by music photographers to make the artist look their best. But it’s still easier to believe those people are naturally that photogenic!

I’m making some banana bread today.


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