Meaningless Dreaming

Sitting here in my lunch break, listening to BBC 6 Music on the radio and musing to myself about how wonderful it would be to have one of the DJs announcing one of my tracks and saying how much they liked it. Or being interviewed by them and be asked questions about ideas they’ve had about the song they’re about to play, and what I think…

And then I remember that I haven’t even got a finished track from Album 2 to even show someone. More than that, the likelihood of making it onto mainstream national radio is pretty slim anyway. I realise something. I’m dreaming meaninglessly, entertaining pointless thoughts and vague ideas of success that I am doing nothing to go out and achieve.

Here’s the deal:

I am going to be writing and recording two albums at once, just as I had planned to do this time last year. For the purposes of this blog, and ease of communication, I will be calling these ‘Album 2’ and ‘Album 3’ (following on from the chronology of Demo Album or Ingredients as being the first and officially only recording).

Album 2 is electronic pop with the odd whiff of R&B here and there. I will try my best to sing like someone that can pull this off.

Album 3 is a return to the usual: singer songwriter-stylie, acoustic guitar, bluesy rocky pop songs.

Oddly enough, I’m almost done with the bare bones of Album 2. You’d think since Album 3 is ‘easier’ or, at least more familiar to me, I’d be more ahead with it. It seems I’m really enjoying poring over ever single detail of a digitally-based series of tracks.

Here are some titles for the purposes of teasing and amusement.

  • State of Alert
  • Restore
  • Micropause
  • Enough
  • In My Hands
  • I Might Have Heard Your Words (The Cloud cover)

Here’s to committing and completing things before going off into a daydream.

That is all.


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