Just to make this clear, blog entries referring to my progress on recordings are more for my benefit than anyone else’s, but I’m sure some of you will be pleasantly interested in this sort of post.

Having listened to my demo tracks for Album 2 in the order mentioned in this post, I realised it was totally bland and disjointed, not how I expected it to be at all.

Quite essentially the first track (12:26) just isn’t cutting it as an opener. I’m switching this up for Sleeping Beast. I’m yet to get a good feel for the rest of the songs, but for now I’m going to plumb with the following:

1.  Sleeping Beast
2.  12:26
3.  Messing With My Mind
4.  Restore
5.  In My Hands
6.  Among the Ruins
7.  Enough
8.  Fine Line
9.  Primary Concern (interlude)
10. Micropause
11. State of Alert
12. I Might Have Heard Your Words

As you can see I still have the core of R&B flavoured tracks in the middle. We’ll see how that works out. Gets a bit fluffy towards the end. It’s hard to put them in an order that makes narrative sense lyrically. Probably because there isn’t much of an underlying narrative save for ‘life is hard’ and ‘love stinks’.

Like most other albums then..?

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