State of Alert!

Hold, hold your position
Prioritise your mission
This is where it starts
And if the state of alert alarms you
Don’t fear the sword that harms the body
Fear the One who holds your heart

Chorus from ‘State of Alert’, Integrity (2010)

Exciting, isn’t it? After five years of doing goodness knows what, I’ve finally gotten around to selling my music again. This time I’m taking the option of the moment, to sell the MP3s online before making a physical release.

It’s a little different this time, I should warn. My first release in five years will not be Honesty, nor Integrity, but an adorable little abomination by the name of Music of the Tubes.

Might I indicate at this point that my inspiration for this title comes from a similar online project given to us by the bright and shiny Mike Lombardo. Last year he released an online album entitled Internet: A Series of Tunes, which includes hit songs from the videos on his YouTube channel.

I’m basically ripping his concept by selling my YouTube music. This is partly upon request. Now and then I get a comment asking for a download link. If this is what the people want, I shall gladly oblige.

The first of my Internet tunes to be given a commercial christening is The Donut Song which was something I produced to celebrate my YouTube channel reaching 100 subscribers. You may listen to and purchase the song here, and if you like it enough you may want to watch me dancing around in a green hat while you’re at it.

More songs to be added soon. Just need to get them tweaked in terms of sound quality, converted to .WAV format if they aren’t already, and uploaded via the powers of technology.

So far the track listing includes:

  • The Donut Song
  • MOST ANNOYING VOCAL SOUND EVER (possibly a remix)
  • Happy Too (The Lunerrrrs Theme)
  • Supermassive Sweet Dream (This will be a free download using my own hosting since the nature of mashups makes them pretty much illegal everywhere)
  • Silver Thread (Instrumental)
  • That thing I did for UCLan that time
  • The Nine Divine Suite
  • Memorial

Hopefully all this will kick-start to my online music sales!

Please drop me a comment somewhere to let me know what you think of all this.

Happy Friday!


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  1. Pout says:

    Congrats once again!I think your sales strategy is sound. Selling them one at a time will build up anticipation I should hope. |:-)


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