Superimposed Weary Latino Geeks

All these good days I’ve been having lately are making me tired! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s relative lie in, though I still have a lot to be getting on with. I feel like I’m at my optimum level of busyness right now: ultra productive, but not stressed at all. I can deal with this, yes I can. I hope I can find a job a bit like this in Fleetwood/Blackpool when I move back home.

Still on the agenda this weekend is prep for the amazing party I’m planning. Sooo much to prepare, but I’m lovin it! Finally managed to find something that might be good as a poker trophy. It’s from Pasttimes, and luckily for me there’s 20% off at the moment. I’m going to adapt it to have the four suits on each of the circles. Gonna be awesome!

I seem to be finishing a lot of songs just lately. I’m taking a new angle on my 4-year-old track ‘Untitled’, giving it a bit of a funk groove similar to a song called ‘Samson’ by artist Adam Cates. I’m basically stealing his guitar strumming pattern and superimposing it over my existing chord structure. Thanks, Mr. Cates! I’ve written a chorus too, but I feel like it’s a bit boring and sounds like the weary latino pop brought to us by J-Lo and Enrique in the late 90s. Then again, I haven’t recorded it yet, so it might sound better in real life than it does right now in my head.

In fact, I think I’ll record a demo of it tonight to see how it sounds.

In other news, I’m nearly done with the vocals for Sleeping Beast. Just a few more harmonies, and a bit of fine tuning, and I’ll be ready to mix. There are parts where the instruments need to make appearances and disappearances, but I can deal with that a lot more easily when I have the vocals in place. I happened to read an article on the very same thing last night. You can find it here.

Lastly, I’ve finished the basic content for my official website, so when I have the time and the inclination, I can start putting some new and exciting things up there for all to see. I do enjoy HTML; it makes me feel as though I have a little more standing among the geeks I hang out with.

Hooray for nerdiness!

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