As I’m sure I’ve mentioned countless times in different places, I’m still working on tracks for a second album.

Progress has been slow, but next year I hope to get some more experienced (and technically equipped!) people involved so I can go about it in a more professional manner.

Here is the track listing so far (in no particular order):

  1. 12:26
  2. Among the Ruins
  3. Cry Holy
  4. Unworthy
  5. Rebellion
  6. Sleeping Beast
  7. When You’re Ready
  8. Hour of Need
  9. In My Hands
  10. Who Am I
  11. Forget

A few of these made an appearance at my gig a couple of months back. My favourite so far is Hour of Need because it’s got a different groove to the rest (i.e., any groove at all…) and I can let rip with some harsher-sounding notes on the chorus.

I’ll keep you posted when the ball starts rolling. However, said ball cannot roll until I get on top of the ol’ degree work!

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