Inspiration Board 2012: The Year of New Music

2012: The Year of New Music

This evening was a very pleasant one, sitting on a cushion on the floor of the cosy dining room/office and arranging colourful bits of paper on a board while David wrote about his aims for his new company.

Now, you may look at this collage and say to yourself, “Very pretty, but what does all that mean?” I’ll help out by transcribing what is written in all those cute paper circles. These are little pieces of motivation designed specifically to help me with the things I struggle with, both musically and personally.

  1. KEEP GOING UNTIL you get it right!
  3. DON’T let notions of perfection stifle you.
  5. Let go… Let yourself be healed.
  6. Collect sounds like seashells.
  7. See your old dreams & smile. YOUR NEW DREAMS ARE NO LAUGHING MATTER

Reading these apart from their visually ticklish surroundings does make them look rather like pointless positive thinking mantras from the 90’s, but I can assure you they all speak to some circumstance in my life that needs to be addressed in order for me to move on creatively.

Before I can make this year my ‘Year of New Music’ I will need to get over the procrastination brought on by feelings of self-doubt, my focus on other people’s work or opinions, misplaced loneliness, and the idea that I need to get it ‘perfect’ first time. I want this year to be different. I have made some excellent progress since last January, but this time I really need to pull it together and start acting like the professional I want to be.

As such… dare I say it? As such I want 2012 to be the year I finally release Vox Artis. It’s going to be a little different than I had first planned, shorter with some bonus tracks, but with these changes it will finally emerge from the wreckage of ‘I’ll get to it’ and finally exist in the ears of the listener.

I also want 2012 to be the year of release for Digital Delight. Is it really possible for me to do both? I’m hoping so. I’m definitely working more quickly and efficiently than I have before on the recording front. I have something rough down for all the tracks on Digital Delight and lots of vocal-ready backing tracks for Vox Artis. I might just be able to manage it provided I stay disciplined and continue to follow through on all the challenges I set for myself while arranging the contents of this board.


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