Vox Artis: Reflection

This past couple of weeks has not been good for productivity.

Vox Artis

This week the Mac died on us (hard drive shot at, faulty battery, various other bits). We were able to get it booted up and back up what we needed to the external hard drive, but it meant I couldn’t continue work on my music video for I Might Have Heard Your Words.

I’m pleased to say I am now typing on the newly repaired Mac and I’ll be able to start editing again this week.

I’m mostly recovered from the nerd flu now, but I have a persistent tickly cough that is making just talking quite difficult, never mind singing.

I wrote a new Glitter Punch Project song this week and attempted to record a demo for it on Thursday. Goodness, it was difficult. My vocal tone was very weak and small even though I knew the lyrics and melody would allow for a lot of contralto bravado (much like Stiletto Stamina). Thankfully Matt liked the song anyway. We’ll be meeting up again this month to discuss the project. Time seems to have flown since the end of December. It’s spring again already! And that means songs are going to start pouring out of me…

However, I still have Vox Artis to think about, don’t I?

These past weeks have forced me to begin reflecting on the work I’m doing. The idea of a rigid deadline has settled into relative importance. I know that I’m very close to finishing the album, so what does it matter if it’s released early March or end of April? It’s taken a long time as it is. Another month isn’t going to make any difference.

That said I’m still being strict with myself as to what order I’m going to complete my work in. Vox Artis first and foremost, then Digital Delight. But I must confess, I find it very difficult to put those things above GPP. I’m really enjoying writing new material and discussing new ideas for our approach to production.

Perhaps that’s just what happens when you collaborate with others. More motivation, more excitement!

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