Vox Artis: The go-ahead, the setback

Urrrrgh. I’m not doing too well just at the moment.

The past few days have been fairly unpleasant as both myself and my husbuddy have contracted some kind of flu. I’ve just about had the energy to cook for us and keep us from drowning in used tissues, but everything else has fallen by the wayside. Just when I’d got the house clean! GAH.

This makes me annoyed as only a few days ago I got some wonderful news.

Happy Message
Happy message: only the happiest!

This is an e-mail from none other than Andrew Pants, the man from whom I needed permission to include my version of I Might Have Heard Your Words on my album. I got the go-ahead!

Before I e-mailed Andrew I sent a rough mix of the track to Matt for giggles. He made this face, and then suggested we do a Glitter Punch version since he liked the song so much. This prompted me to write this tweet. We now have a full basic track down for the remix. I am excited. You should also be excited! *glares at you*

And then of course, in recent days I got my setback…

It’s been so long since I’ve had a sore throat of any sort. The last time I had anything flu-like was probably last February. This is encouraging since it means I must have a vaguely good immune system when it comes to ailments like these. I attribute this in part to my tonsillectomy back in 2007.

All this means I’ll just have to wait it out before I can complete vocal recording work on Vox Artis. I suppose it’s going to be a March release after all! Oh well… You win some, you lose some.

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