The Approaching Crunch

Argh, it’s coming to the crunch. It HURTS.

Due to the digital distribution lead time for an album we have to make sure all the music is sorted this week. I’ve made a list. I have a few last bits of vocal to look at. Want to see if I can get them all finished tomorrow so I’m having an early night to rest the ol’ vocal chords.

I’ve really been knocked out of my groove since Sunday. I tried doing my usual run-through, singing/half performing some tracks. All I could think of were these imagined stares of disapproval. What am I doing? In which of these two worlds am I meant to fit? My artistic heart resides in one quite plainly. But I also have a heart to serve my church community. I have a divided heart. ‘Dividedness’ is weakness and I feel most definitely weakened.

This could not have come at a more inopportune time. I need to be fierce this week. One last push. If I don’t shine here I will regret it forever. NOLZA!

This weekend’s vlog is proving difficult. I just seemed to be doing a lot of waffling and not being nearly as engaging as I was in the last one. Turns out there’s a lot more to discuss about our image than I had first imagined. There is a specific theme for Mirrorball Swing, but in general the Project draws from multiple influences. Some of our look isn’t even from the fashion world: it’s inspired by graphic design and print media. Try explaining that in vlog form without sounding like a droning old degree lecturer.

I didn’t have boring lecturers, actually, but you get my point.

While writing this I have somehow managed to rescue my vlog structure so it seems vaguely relevant and watchable. I also think listening to this on repeat really helped. Thank you, Andrew Pants.

I know I should be feeling excited and charged, but I can get to feeling that after this week, I think. I am determined to enjoy the experience. Just not til Monday!

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