Three Cheers for Bad Betty

I’d much rather be doing some drawing right now. I’m working on some decorations for a Casino Royale/James Bond themed party next week. So far I’ve drawn out the Queen of Hearts on A2 size paper. It’s currently hanging with bluetack on the fireplace wall. I didn’t realise until now, but the faces on playing cards are really creepy… So strange drawing them out 10 times the size.

Next I’m gonna do a King, and an Ace, and if I get time, a Jack. Gonna be such a fun party! But possibly very stressful as I’ll be cooking for about 12 people. For me, the best stress is catering and entertainment-related! I’m so house proud, but at least that means my guests will have a good time.

Next, may I draw your attention to some friends of mine who are very close to my heart, both in music and in spirit. These are James and Julia of melancholy-go-lucky pop rock band, Bad Betty.

Recently they embarked on a project to write/record/upload a ‘song a day’ on their blog, The videos are also up on Julia’s YouTube if you want to rate, comment, and favourite them. The best, in my opinion, so far, is Three Big Cheers as the lyrics are just perfect, and the video performance is superb. You can tell they’re the best of friends, they play off each other like… two really complimentary things..?


They released an album last year on the Simulated City Records label called Name That Neurosis, which currently resides on my MP3 player and gets a play through at least twice a week. It’s very easy to listen to (but not easy listening) and the melodies are potentially addictive. Don’t be too surprised if you wake up in the morning with “everybody’s playing Name That Neurosis, but we all end up with the same diagnosis…” running through your head.

Julia’s guitar work and mellow voice give a good staple to the musical arrangement, while James’ driving piano riffs and fabulous falsetto notes add a bit of flare to the indie rock back drop. They make a fantastic team, don’t you think?

Anyways, do be sure to give them a look, and tell all your friends. 😀

The Official Bad Betty Mechandise Shop

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